Surprise for BF

Normally he gives me many surprises, so this time also I want to give him one surprise.This is so called fair.Hahaha…As I know he loves the book–The Da Venci Code so much, and my friend Cathy told me the Da Venci Code would show on 19th May 2006,so I think it is very good chance for me to give him the surprise…… I bought the tickets, and on friday I went to airport to pick him up…… I tried to find the way to put the tickets in his wallet or somewher he can find easily. At last I realised one place was perfect— cigarette pack,because he loves smoking, for sure it would be the quick way for him to see the tickets, as I expected, we arrived home, the first thing he did is to smoke, he found the things I put, he asked me with smile" what is it", I pretended to check for him."oh, it is tickets for The Da Venci Code this night 19:20"……."haha you buy the tickets". At that time I saw he was so happy and surprised …We went to the bai Lu cinema, the ticket checker said " the foreigner’s chinese should be good, that’s why see the movie in chinese."I am laughing secretly, actually he only knows " Xia Lv Pu Ba Qv, Mai Dan Fa Piao, Pi Jiu Bing De, Niu Pai, Shu Tiao…  " how can he understand well the movie in Chinese……The moive was showing on the time, it was so complicated for me, I did not understand so much, but he understood all, meanwhile you started to explain to me all the things, it is very funny see movie in chinese, I did not undertand he explained to me the details…… because he read the book, he remembered all the details.

2 Responses to Surprise for BF

  1. Pauline说道:

    i\’ve seen the movie and it\’s of english version. haha…

  2. lee说道:

    I saw the movie in Chinese, but I do not understand so much. hehe


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